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Portraits for each of the main Sparrow characters
Inktober 2014 Art Cards
All my Inktober 2014 art cards. Done in various inks and markers on illustration cards
Sparrow character reference sheets.
Quick reference sheets for main characters of the Sparrow.
Jolly Roger emblems based on Mario Bros. characters.
These are some Jolly Roger emblems based on Super Mario Bros. characters. This project started when I decided to create a Dry Bones pirate flag. But I quickly got inspired to create more. Now I have several armadas ready to sail the Mushroom Seas.
Sailor Moon/Final Fantasy X-2 crossover prints!
This is a nine-part series featuring the main Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon, each dressed in a different Dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2. I started this project to commemorate the re-release of FFX-2 in HD as well as the re-release of the original Sailor Moon and the new release of Sailor Moon Crystal!
Sketches and drawings that each use only five pre-selected colors.
Each of these portraits are done by request and use a palette of only five predetermined colors.
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