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Visual Tarot
This project is art by chance. The intent is to portray the nearly endless possibilities of the Tarot deck. Those familiar with Tarot know that the deck symbolizes possibilities. It's not so much "reading the future" as it is suggesting the range of what's possible.
Endless Possibilities

Even with a 52-card poker deck, we all understand on some level that the odds of drawing the exact same 52 cards in a row are astronomical. The Tarot has 78 cards, and considers "reversals," or the card upside-down, akin to a separate card. In other words, the Two of Cups is meaningfully distinct from the Two of Cups, Reversed.

I believe it's hard to truly understand just how many possibilities there are without seeing it. Like I mentioned, we all have some awareness that each shuffled deck will draw differently. But when we see the different decks laid out before us, I think we can be struck by the sheer magnitude of the odds. The chances of drawing the exact same 78 cards in a row are 1 in 11324281178206297831457521158732046228731749579488251990048962825668 835325234200766245086213177344000000000000000000, and that does not factor in the concept of reversals. This project is an attempt to give people a glimpse into that which, to our human minds, is essentially infinity.

System of Creation
  1. Assign each of the four suits a color — Cups are red, Wands are yellow, Coins are green and Swords are blue. Use a separate color for the Major Arcana trump suit (I used purple here)
  2. Shuffle the deck five times.
  3. Draw cards one at a time. For each card drawn, perform the following steps:
    1. Place a corresponding symbol in the next space on the grid. If the card turns up reversed, then you flip the colors of the symbol. The colored symbols on black backgrounds here represent a “reversed” suit card, and a white symbol on a purple background represents a reversed Major Arcana.
    2. If it’s a suit card, multiply its number by 7 and set the opacity to that number. For face cards, Page is 11, Knight is 12 and Queen is 13. Kings default to 100% opacity.
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