Sailor Moon Dresspheres
Sailor Moon Dresspheres
In creating this project I attempted to match each character to a Dressphere that I felt best matched their personality both as a "civilian" and in their role as a Sailor Senshi. Some of these were easier than others. There were some tough choices here! But I think I matched them pretty well. Click on the links below to go to the individual pages where you can read more about each character! You can order prints of all these at my Etsy shop!
  1. White Mage Sailor Moon
  2. Alchemist Sailor Mercury
  3. Psychic Sailor Mars
  4. Samurai Sailor Jupiter
  5. Lady Luck Sailor Venus
  6. Black Mage Sailor Pluto
  7. Songstress Sailor Neptune
  8. Warrior Sailor Uranus
  9. Dark Knight Sailor Saturn
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