Koopa Jolly Rogers
Jolly Roger Koopas
These are some Jolly Roger emblems based on Super Mario Bros. characters. This project started when I decided to create a Dry Bones pirate flag. But I quickly got inspired to create more. Now I have several armadas ready to sail the Mushroom Seas.
The Flags
  1. Dry Bones Pirates
  2. Boo Bandits
  3. Bullet Buccaneers
  4. Bullet Buccaneers (v. 2)
  5. Bob-omb Brigands
  6. Phanto Philchers
  7. Magikoopa Marauders
  8. Hammer Bro Hooligans
  9. Goomba Grafters
  10. Chain Chomp Corsairs
  11. Spiny Scalawags
  12. Snifit Scoundrels
  13. Shy Guy Sea Raiders
  14. Raccoon Rovers
  15. Podoboo Pillagers
  16. Piranha Plunderers

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