Five-Color Palette Sketches
Five Color Palette Sketches
Each of these images was drawn and colored using only five colors for a meme over on Tumblr. The colors were pre-determined. People were able to request a character and picked one of twenty palettes they wanted the character drawn in. I did these mostly as warm-up practice or doodles in my free time.
The Characters

Listed in order of appearance:

  1. Anole (Victor Borkowski, X-Men Comics)
  2. Damian Wayne (DC Comics)
  3. My WildStar character
  4. Quentin Quire (X-Men comics)
  5. Thor (Marvel Comics)
  6. Calvin (a friend's Guild Wars 2 character)
  7. Cassandra Cain (DC Comics)
  8. Lagoon Boy (DC Comics/Young Justice Cartoon)
  9. Malzahar and Kassadin (League of Legends)
  10. Anole (X-Men)
  11. Shrike (Original character based on World of Darkness)
  12. Miss Martian (Young Justice tv show)
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