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Maksim, the Soldier, Son of Ares!

I recently discovered some new members of Alex Sparrow’s Friend Project so I’m working on Sparrow Comics versions of them. This is maksimmac! He has a broader build so I decided he would be a son of Ares, god of war. That means he’s an excellent and ferocious fighter and skilled with many weapons. See those

28 Feb 2015

Augmented Body – Final Product and Artist’s Statement

This project was conceived by one original seed and blossomed into a full-fledged human-plant hybrid. Puns intended. I started with this idea of humans with chlorophyll so they can photosynthesize. From there, the idea became a question: What if humans had to adapt to be able to metabolize light? The theory can come from one of two ideas.

25 Feb 2015

Augmented Body in progress

For this project, I’m working with the idea of splicing plant DNA to a human body to create what I call a “sustainable human.” If we could thrive on solar energy as our primary food source, I think this world would look a lot different. My approach so far deals purely with physical aspects of this idea,

24 Feb 2015

Meet Titania!

Name: Titania Nickname: Tatiana Barron Birthdate: ??? Sex: Female Race: Fairy Location: Barron Building Penthouse Profession: Queen of the Fairies, socialite, businesswoman Education: Thousands of years of experience. She officially has an MBA, but it’s faked through fairy cunning. Hobbies and Interests: Parties, chocolate, high fashion, jewels, socializing, being seen, the finer luxuries of life Disposition and

21 Feb 2015

Augmented Body 1

For our next project, we must manipulate a photo of ourselves and create augmentations based on how we would improve our bodies. I have cobbled together a number of ideas and put them together into a sketch. I started with the idea of photosynthesis and, with my professor’s help, expanded from there. I’ll be working mainly with the

18 Feb 2015

Page 5 progress

Drawing a snazzy penthouse balcony for this panel

18 Feb 2015

February Sparrow Drawing! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy (late) Valentine’s Day from Sparrow Comics! Alex decided to play Cupid this year, but he went for a really literal costume…Which of course means he’s trying to go naked. Markos, of course, is trying desperately to shut that down. I really do love coming up with silly scenes for these two goofy guys.

16 Feb 2015

Meet Oberon!

Name: Oberon Nickname: Oliver Barron (O. Barron) Birthdate: ??? Sex: Male Race: Fairy Location: Barron Building Penthouse Profession: King of the Fairies, businessman, investor, broker Education: Thousands of years of experience. He officially has an MBA, but it’s faked through fairy cunning. Hobbies and Interests: Parties, decadence, games, deals, tricking mortals, hedonistic pleasure Religious/Political Leanings:

14 Feb 2015

Meet Ana!

Name: Ana Vasquez Nickname: Vasquez, Detective Age: 35 Birthdate: September 14 Sex: Female Ethnicity: Mexican Location: 2508 Robinson Dr., Sapphire City Profession: Detective Education: B.S. in Criminal Justice, minor in Chinese Hobbies and Interests: Gardening, culinary arts, yoga, meditation, volunteering as a Big Sister. Disposition and Personality: Focused, observant, intuitive, mentorly, thoughtful, reserved, intelligent, calm,

13 Feb 2015

Page 4 Preview

Inked preview for Page 4. Sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning, especially when you’re a prophet.

12 Feb 2015
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