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Warrior Sailor Uranus

This is the seventh of the Sailor Moon Dresspheres, Sailor Uranus the Warrior! I gave her Paine’s outfit and pose because it just fit, y’know? It was perfect. Everything about it was just right for Haruka, and she rocks the black leather so well. Prints available on my Etsy shop!

24 Jul 2014

Songstress Sailor Neptune

This was one of the easiest to pick. Sailor Neptune is the musician of the group. She plays the violin, and while I don’t think she sings on screen, she’s clearly musically inclined. So I gave her the Songstress dressphere and had her singing into her transformation globe like a mic! Prints available at my

23 Jul 2014

Black Mage Sailor Pluto

This one was easy for me. Really easy. She’s Sailor Pluto. She wields the powers of time, space, and darkness. She herself is tall, dark, a little intimidating, and very powerful. She couldn’t be anything but a Black Mage! I had considered Dark Knight but I felt that dressphere fit another character much better… Prints

21 Jul 2014

Lady Luck Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus has always been one of the most upbeat characters of Sailor Moon. She’s also a known figure and superhero with video games and comics about her exploits. I considered making her a Songstress, but I felt another character fit that dressphere better. However, when I saw the Lady Luck dressphere, I fell in

18 Jul 2014

Samurai Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter as the Samurai dressphere! This one is harder for me to explain why. It just felt right. Jupiter has always been one of the physically stronger characters, but the Warrior dressphere did not strike me as the right choice. Samurai kind of worked, though. She’s always been a noble character, standing up for

17 Jul 2014

Psychic Sailor Mars

The third of the nine Sailor Moon Dresspheres series. This picture features Sailor Mars as the Psychic dressphere. Mars was a hard one to pin down because there wasn’t a dressphere in the original US release that I felt really captured her well. I mulled this character over for quite a while and tentatively settled

16 Jul 2014

Alchemist Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury in the Alchemist dressphere from Final Fantasy X-2! Sailor Mercury has always been the smart one of the show. She gets the cool tech toys. She’s really good at analyzing the enemy, and she’s just all around brilliant and awesome. So I figured it was appropriate to give her the most technology-minded dressphere.

15 Jul 2014

Sailor Moon White Mage

White Mage Sailor Moon! With the re-release of FFX/X-2 and the launch of the new Sailor Moon Crystal show, I created a print series honoring both: the Sailor Moon Dresspheres. I assigned each of the Sailor Senshi a Dressphere from FFX-2 and then created a pin-up of that Senshi wearing that Dressphere’s outfit. This is

14 Jul 2014

More Five Color Sketches!

Take a look at the portfolio page! I’ve put them all together. Twelve in total, and it was a lot of fun to do. I hope you all enjoy them!

20 Jun 2014

Malzahar Cosplay Update 1

My current status of my Malzahar cosplay. Shirt, tabard, and belt are sewn and hemmed Things to do: Create the skirty thing and attach to belt Make pants Make gloves Make boots Line hood Get glow-in-the-dark thread to embroider the runes Design costume embroidery If I finish this by the end of June or early

12 Jun 2014
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