Improbable Monument Ideas

Here are a few brainstorming ideas for an improbable monument:

  • A traveling monument of Hermes, the Greek god of trade. The monument would move, or appear to move between several major trade cities in Europe and North America
  • A monument to Tenjin, Japanese god of scholarship and natural disasters, that conducts and stores lightning from storms and uses that to power its own lights or the temple where it’s located.
  • A monument dedicated to classical Japanese poetry from the Heian era (9th-12th centuries). The monument takes the form of a Japanese shrine or temple, and analyzes visitors’ brainwaves, then recites or presents poetry based on the analyses.
  • A Taoist monument where the five elements literally transform into each other along the axes.
  • Twin monuments to Merlin and Abe no Seimei (a prominent Japanese “Merlin” figure)

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