Radical Cartography


Sapphire City Map, no land masses

For our Radical Cartography project, we had to create an unusual type of map that shows more than simply the geography of a location. I decided to incorporate the Sparrow into my homework again. This map shows the supernatural demographics of Sapphire city, the main city of the Sparrow.

I created this by first doing a rough sketch in Sketchbook Pro. Using Google Maps depictions of Oslo and Tokyo, I blocked in land masses and roughly sketched the major roadways (the brown lines). Then I imported the image into Illustrator. I drew over the land masses with the Pencil tool, set their fill, and adjusted a few of the anchor points as I felt were needed. Then, using the pen tool, I made a number of paths, set their colors, and used those to show the road and water channels.

The demographics dots are just circles I duplicated over and over and over again using the Direct Select tool. By holding Alt and dragging, it was easy (though time-consuming) to duplicate repeatedly.

This map shows only the non-human demographics. Sapphire City is a major metropolitan center, so it’s safe to assume humans live on most of the map. As you can see, most supernatural creatures of similar types stick together, with a few scattered across the map.

In future iterations, I may add more green dots. Tree spirits like dryads are likely to congregate in parks, so my thought was there’d be a high population in each park large enough to sustain them.

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