Radical Cartography Brainstorming

I’m a little stumped on what to do for my Radical Cartography project, so here are some ideas I’ve brainstormed.

  • World map showing countries of origin for different superheroes, especially non-American superheroes.
  • A social media visualization showing a “map” of one of my social media accounts and who it’s connected with.
  • Visualization of time spent in my house — where I spend the time and what I do with it
  • Something related to my own superhero comic world. It’s set in a fictional city, so perhaps an overlay of that city showing different territories.
  • A map of an art process, such as showing the steps of drawing a comic page or something similar
  • A map following a particular character’s or team’s travels and locations.

These are a few ideas that come to mind. Some people have suggested others (like a map of Pokemon by location) but I think these are the ones I’d have the best connection to.

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