Logo Heist and Detournement

For our next class project, we were asked to perform a logo heist. This is where we take an existing logo and rework it to make a commentary on culture or on the logo owner’s company practices.

I chose Marvel Comics as the subject of my logo heist. Both Marvel and DC have a history of treating female characters poorly. Women are often relegated to minor roles, made helpless, or killed off for the sake of a male character’s angst. However, the mistreatment of women in comics extends beyond the writing and into the art itself.

Women in comics are often drawn inappropriately. In some cases, the clothing is unnecessarily revealing. More often, however, the women are displayed in improperly provocative poses or with very flawed anatomy. The “boobs and butt” pose is one of the most egregious problems, but plenty of other anatomy issues exist. Some blogs, such as Escher Girls, attempt to shed light on these issues by pointing out how frequently women are mistreated in comic art.

I took inspiration from the Marvel Studios animation intro. This animation layers comic panels and pages across the typography. If I were skilled in animation techniques, I would replicate the animation more accurately, but I believe the gif I created gets the point across.

Below are the original comic scans that I used, all taken from the Escher Girls blog.

As you can see, most of these pictures distort the female anatomy into impossible proportions and/or poses. A couple of the pictures are actually traced from pornography. Others have the woman’s spine twisted far more than is possible, or breasts are placed too high, or they are unbelievably contorted.

Below are the individual pictures that comprise the gif at the top of this post.

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