Dery Response

The long reach of television influence is pretty frightening. Dery mentions how control of the media is used to influence people and communicate only what certain powerful interest groups want shown. He explains that Reagan’s administration launched this into a frenzy and it hasn’t slowed down ever since. We only need to look at the media coverage of important issues like Ferguson to see how skewed television presentation is.

However, I think the Internet and social media are providing a powerful counter to media influence. Thanks to Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, and other social networks, people are able to make their voices heard on an unprecedented level. Before, media coverage was needed to help your voice reach millions. Now, one individual’s thoughts can be heard across the world. We saw this in Ferguson when protesters spoke up on Twitter, live-tweeting events as they unfolded. We see this abroad when international protesters in Mexico, Egypt, and other places speak out.

These social media outlets could crack the hold television media has on people. It may take a while to fully emerge, but social media is definitely a powerful force in fighting media bias.

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