Sparrow Postcards

For my digital techniques course, we were required to make two postcards using Illustrator. I seek any excuse I can to work with the Sparrow so I decided to make a postcard for each character.

I decided to assign a bird to each of the four main characters, based on the bird’s symbolism/reputation. This was just a quick exercise, but it’s something I could see myself doing more with. Maybe make a bird logo for each character.

I already had the Sparrow logo created. For the Prophet and the Warrior, I took a photo of each bird and traced it (not live or image tracing, just regular pen tool tracing) to create shapes. I created the Detective’s bird using a reference and some simple ellipse and curve shapes. I’m pretty familiar with Illustrator, so this didn’t take me too long to put together once I had the ideas.

Markos gets a raven, a bird often associated with prophecy and foresight in Greek folklore. Ana gets the owl, a bird renowned for its wisdom and its powers of perception, suitable for her job as a detective. Natsumi gets a dove, the symbolic animal of her father Hachiman. I gave her postcard a pink tone to reflect cherry blossoms, and I put the mitsudomoe, another symbol of her father’s, in the background.

Fonts all came from Blambot

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