The Camazotz

Here’s my second (and last) entry to the AT&T Creature Feature Contest. Wish me luck! And now back to your regularly scheduled Sparrow work. Again, if I don’t win, you can probably expect to see these guys in the Sparrow sooner or later!

These creatures are named after Camazotz, the Death Bat, the master of Xibalba, the Mayan Underworld. The camazotz are shapeshifting “were-bats” that claim to be their namesake’s children and chosen. They are a dark, twisted people who adhere to the Death Bat’s thirst for human blood. Most camazotz are religiously dedicated to the Cult of the Bat and seek out human sacrifices to offer to their father deity. The unfortunate victims are often found decapitated, ritually offered up to satisfy the Death Bat’s thirst.

The camazotz are capable of shifting between their human and “bat-man” form at will. Their large ears are for more than just show. A camazotz’s hearing is so acute, they can identify their surrounding as easily as they can with their eyesight. They’re capable of sonar like normal bats, and so they prefer hunting victims under cover of darkness. Camazotz also have razor-sharp claws and teeth. They possess wings in their natural form, but they are too heavy to fly. They can glide and parachute, however. Their feet grow opposing digits and their toes elongate, allowing them to use their feet to hold on to perches.

Most camazotz are born naturally to others of their kind, but sometimes ordinary humans can become camazotz too. Camazotz often have a collection of mortal cultists serving them. These humans sometimes undergo a ritual test that can turn them into one of the “chosen” of the Death Bat. Those that pass the test become camazotz but those that fail are sacrificed, their  blood offered up to the Death Bat.

Mayan legends say that the twins Xbalanque and Hunahpu defeated the Death Bat in ancient times, banishing him from creation. But the camazotz continue to offer up human blood to their patron. Perhaps the Death Bat is not as far away as the legends claim.

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