Chance and Indeterminacy Part 4

Even though this is my third post, this is actually my fourth pass at the project.

This time, I decided to go through an entire deck. The Tarot has 78 cards, so I created a 13×6 grid to lay out the symbols and colors. I shuffled three times. Then I drew one card at a time and placed the corresponding symbols horizontally across the board. The black and white symbols represent the 22 Major Arcana or “trump” suit.

I liked portraying the full deck better because it creates a more complete randomness. While Tarot spreads never use the full deck, I think showing the entire deck is useful. This way it displays a more thorough depiction of the endless possibilities that can arise from 78 distinct cards.

I am still considering a way to reflect each card individually without making my system too complicated but I’m not sure if that’s too much for this project. Since this is a digital art piece, the first idea that comes to mind is adjusting the saturation and/or opacity based on the number of the card.

I have also been thinking about ways where I could not only draw random cards, but also place them randomly on the board. For the first card drawn, I could generate a random number between 1 and 78 and place the symbol in the appropriate grid location. Then for the second card, I could get a number from 1 to 77 and so forth.

Finally, I’m debating assigning a color other than black and white to the Major Arcana. Purple is the first that comes to mind. I realize that the aesthetic appeal is not the primary purpose of this project, but the black and white feels jarring to me. I will experiment with alternatives and see what I like best.

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