Self Portrait Project

For my latest Digital Techniques project, we were asked to take pictures of five objects and assemble a self portrait that we feel represents us best. Since the project does not require an actual picture of ourselves, I opted to do a self-portrait that expresses what I do the most. Below are the original photos I used.

The dumbbell represents my interest in fitness and the knife represents my love of cooking.

The pen is for a Wacom tablet, and the tablet itself is pictured. I decided to take pictures of them separately because I wanted to use the tablet as a frame for part of the picture.

Finally, we have the Green Lantern poster, which is one piece of superhero memorabilia that I am proud to have. I draw a lot of inspiration from superhero comics. That character in particular, Kyle Rayner, is one of my favorites because he’s really easy for me to identify with. He’s an aspiring artist too, both before and after he becomes a superhero, but his Green Lantern powers allow him to bring his imagination to life, which is every artist’s aspiration.

So here is the result.

self-portraitI decided to make it look as if I had been drawing the poster on my tablet, but I also added the dumbbell and the knife. My attempt was to portray that maybe I had just finished working out and/or cooking and decided to sit down to draw.


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