Meet Markos the Prophet


Name: Markos Bassani

Nicknames: Prophet

Age: 26

Birthdate: May 31

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Greek/Italian

Location: 147 Midsummer Ave., Apt 44, Sapphire City

Profession: Graphic designer, problem solver for the Greek gods and many supernatural creatures

Education: BFA, Graphic Design

Hobbies and Interests: Video games, ferrets, swimming, going to the park to hang out with satyrs, dryads, and other nature spirits. Drawing for fun. Sleeping.

Disposition and Personality: Often seems frazzled or stretched thin. Genre-savvy. Walks a line between cynical/jaded and good-naturedly exasperated. Strong sense of justice and takes his role as Prophet seriously. Creative. Strong-willed. Determined. Not afraid to use his authority, but saves that card for when it’s really needed.

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