The Sparrow Profile



Name: Alexey Sparrow

Nicknames: Alex, Sun-Boy

Age: 24

Birthdate: July 30

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Russian

Location: Sunrise Condos penthouse, Sapphire City

Profession: Celebrity singer/songwriter and model, recently breaking into acting

Education: B.Mus. in Musical Performance, emphasis on Vocals

Hobbies and Interests: Outside of performing arts, Alex has some interest in comic books. He also goes to night clubs when he has the time since he likes being around people. This doesn’t happen as often as he’d like since he’s a pretty busy man. He’s also recently discovered hidden adrenaline junkie urges that become more pronounced after he awakens as a demigod.

Disposition and Personality: Bright-eyed, eager, hard-working, cheerful, determined, perfectionist, vain, athletic, silly, occasionally inappropriate, impulsive, wants to do well but recognizes he’s the least experienced of the team, sometimes feels stupid or naive for not being as “with it” in the supernatural world as the other three

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