Artist Research Presentations

Erwin Redl – Floating in Space

Floating in Space

Floating in Space is an installation where dozens of glass balls are hung within a glass pavilion. The balls gently rock within the pavilion as air currents change and the red liquid in the glass stays perfectly flat and level.

This is an interesting piece to me because I’m not sure how they’re able to keep the liquid level. I would have expected the liquid to slosh or rock around. So I’d like to see more about it and understand the physics. I get the impression that the glass balls don’t move very quickly, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

David Rokeby – Cloud


Cloud is an installation of a hundred identical panels hanging from the ceiling. The panels rotate at different speeds, creating a scintillating, eye-catching effect. Take a look at the video in the link above to see it in action.

The purpose behind this installation captivates me as much as the art itself. Rokeby is attempting to portray the transition of matter between solid, liquid, and gaseous states, and I think he does this very well. The movement of the panels creates a subtle shift of state. It makes an illusion of waves flowing through the artwork. Some of the panels have transparent parts, and as these parts catch the light, they look like they flicker into being for an instant and then vanish into thin air. These pieces are juxtaposed against slower-moving, opaque panels that resemble liquid, or even solid matter moving through the installation. Since the panels all rotate at different speeds, some pieces even seem completely stationary in relation to the rest of the piece.

It’s fascinating to see a visual representation of matter transitions. Taken all together, the Cloud looks like a continually shifting piece of matter that never ceases changing from one state to the next.

Electroland – MetalMatisse


MetalMatisse Video

MetalMatisse is an interactive art installation. It depicts metal flower shapes loosely based on artist Henri Matisse’s flower paintings. The installation has cameras pointing at the ground from each flower. As people move around the bouquet, the flowers light up and play music.

I wanted to feature an Electroland piece but it was hard to choose. I enjoy interactive art, and I enjoy art that incorporates light- and sound-based technology. Electroland creates many works that combine all of these. I settled on MetalMatisse because I feel it takes their work one step further by re-imagining traditional art using new media technology. To turn paintings of flowers into an interactive sculpture of light and sound shows how far and wide the meaning of art has actually come.

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