Chance & Indeterminacy — Reversals

I ran my system again to create another digital mosaic, but this time I incorporated the reversal rule. I haven’t added any Major Arcana yet, but those will come in the next iteration.

A black square with a colored symbol denotes me drawing a reversed card — the colors are “reversed” from their normal position. I find it interesting how the inclusion of reversals adds a new dynamic to the final piece and I’m quite excited to see how the Major Arcana might affect that.

If this result were taken as a Tarot reading, the result might be as follows:

  • The prevalence of upright Wands (yellow) vs. reversed suggests a person who is in touch with their passions.
  • There is a near-balance of upright and reversed Swords and Coins (blue and green, respectively), which suggests a person who is of sound mind and decent financial status. There’s a skew toward the reversed state, which means the person is not in as good financial or mental shape as they could be, but they are not in dire straits.
  • However, there are a lot of reversed Cups (red), which suggests the person either has trouble handling their emotions or is very out of touch with their emotions and may be a bit emotionally stunted.

I am curious how other people familiar with Tarot symbolism might interpret this random set of symbols, if they knew it was derived from Tarot.

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