Sparrow Comics: The Perfumier

Here’s the other Sparrow-verse character inspired by Alex Sparrow’s Friend Project. This character’s inspired by Nastya Dvoryanskaya, and by this picture in particular. I saw the cat ears and decided to run with it.

After perusing Nastya’s Instagram, I noticed she wore a lot of shorter dresses that reminded me of Harajuku fashion. And with the cat ears, I figured I’d deviate from the Greek pantheon and make her a daughter of Bastet, the sensual Egyptian warrior-goddess. So I decided to create something “cute,” but also with a Catwoman kind of flair.

The Perfumier, as her name suggests, is adept at using scent to her advantage. Bastet is the goddess of perfume, so I decided to include that in this character’s powerset. In addition to her feline features (natural agility, excellent reflexes, claws), she can control and emit pheromones to affect others’ attitudes toward her or create a distraction. Sometimes it’s subtle, other times it’s quite fragrant.

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