Prophet clothing mockups

Here are some different clothing mockups for the Prophet. I’ll be coloring these later on so I have quick color refs, and I’ll probably expand it to a full on reference sheet at some point. In numbered order, the outfits are:

  1. Pajama pants/lounging around at home alone
  2. Hide of the Nemean Lion (closed)
  3. Hide of the Nemean Lion (open)
  4. Casual for warm weather
  5. Workout clothes or lounging around at home clothes
  6. Business casual for work
  7. Ceremonial toga worn when he has to attend certain festivals and events in the supernatural world
  8. Hoodie for all-purpose casual wear.

Not a lot of formal wear. He has a suit but he almost never wears it.

The necklace is a caduceus pendant. It has some healing powers but he mostly wears it for good luck.

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