The Red Carpet

Quick sketch I made today. Let me explain.

See, the Prophet is a major figure in the Sparrow-universe supernatural world. He’s the only one who can talk to the Greek gods and as a result he’s widely sought after. He’s almost like one of the most powerful religious figures in the supernatural world. So he has a lot of celebrity status among the magical world.

The Sparrow, being a demigod, is also really famous because demigods are rare these days (at least, the human hybrid ones are). So they get invited as guests of honor to a lot of major supernatural events.

Here, they’re on the red carpet at the 2548th Olympic Games, the real Olympics held on Mt. Olympus. I wanted to show a difference between these two. The Sparrow is a natural performer and is used to the spotlight so he takes to this treatment really easily. The Prophet, however, is a little less firm since he’s not anyone famous in the human world. So he’s a little more reserved when he has to be a supernatural celebrity.

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