Psychic Sailor Mars

The third of the nine Sailor Moon Dresspheres series. This picture features Sailor Mars as the Psychic dressphere.

Mars was a hard one to pin down because there wasn’t a dressphere in the original US release that I felt really captured her well. I mulled this character over for quite a while and tentatively settled on Gun Mage during the early phases of this project.

Then I read about the two dresspheres we US players finally got in the HD re-release. Psychic was a perfect fit. Sailor Mars is an actual psychic in the show, so I ran with it. While the Psychic dressphere’s abilities don’t match up exactly with Mars’ abilities, the notion of using psychic power does, and so I created a red version of the dressphere for her.

Available as a print from my Etsy shop!

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