Sailor Moon White Mage

White Mage Sailor Moon! With the re-release of FFX/X-2 and the launch of the new Sailor Moon Crystal show, I created a print series honoring both: the Sailor Moon Dresspheres. I assigned each of the Sailor Senshi a Dressphere from FFX-2 and then created a pin-up of that Senshi wearing that Dressphere’s outfit.

This is Sailor Moon as a White Mage. I chose White Mage because Sailor Moon’s power is about healing, purity, and cleansing evil. Her powers bring peace and life, and they purge the darkness that has consumed unwitting humans. So the White Mage, with its healing and restorative powers, seemed the most appropriate.

I adjusted some of the colors to match Sailor Moon’s theme of blue, white, and pink/red. I also chose the Moon Healing wand because it felt like the best item for the class — Its move has “healing” in the name. I also gave her inner robe the same interlocking ring hem as her Queen Serenity dress. The background is also inspired by the Moon Healing Escalation attack’s background.

You can order 8×10-inch and 8.5×11-inch prints of this picture at my Etsy shop!


July 14th, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Pretty! 😀 Nice to see the finished product.

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